Pelleting line

According to the daily amount of produced manure, we produce quality lines
according to your requirements and possibilities.
NEW! We offer variants lines:
A. Small farms - capacity 150 kg / hr.
B. heartland - capacity 300 kg / hr.
C. Large farms - capacity 400 kg / hr.

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The project "pelletting line" addresses the treatment of biological waste from farm animal breeding in the conditions of small and medium-sized farms. It is the treatment of litter, with a mixture of horse and another faeces, urine, straw and sawdust by their pelletizing into agropellets and subsequent combustion in the pellet boiler, thereby obtaining a clean energy from renewable sources or high-quality fertilizer.


Production of agropellets is carried out in line, consisting of:


1. dryer with hot-air boiler

2. hammer crusher  

3. hopper with conveyor 

4. pelleting press

5. cooling reservoir 

6. vibration sorting machine 

7. conditioner with transient reservoir and suction

8. system for control and regulation - The actual operation of the line is controlled by the PLC, which is operated by touch panel, which is situated on the front door of the line’s central distributor. This solution provides "foolproof" operation throughout the line to optimize the pelleting process in terms of durability and energy performance of individual parts of the line. Is it possible to collect data, there is evaluated the total load of the line in %, so-called evaluation of the effectiveness of worker on the line.
The production capacity of the pelleting line is processing approximately 1000 kg of manure per day, what represents a production of about 500 kg of pellets.