Advantages of pelleting line

Machine for disposal of plant-animal waste from horse breeding and livestock production, and the production of biofuels.






  • solution to the problem of disposal of biowaste for small and medium farms,
  • production of energy and environmental fuel - agro pellets,
  • quick return on investment,
  • simple operation of line,
  • low energy intensity of production,
  • flexible service, Slovak manufacturer,
  • savings of costs on the heating, disposal and elimination of biological waste,
  • environmentally friendly production from renewable sources in the premises of the farm,
  • training at the customer free of charge,
  • line is placed in a mobile container and you do not have the obligation to construct other buildings, obtain building permits,
  • we will bring you the line, assemble it, connect to the electrical network and you are subsequently pelletizing.






Global background

  • power generation by burning fossil fuels is considerably harmful to the environment, mainly by the release of CO2, which had been deposited in them for millennia,
  • energy generation by combustion of agro pellets releases only such CO2 that has been directly linked to it and does not increase the greenhouse effect.

Business background

  • cost savings on production of thermal energy by burning pellets from own resources,
  • obtaining funds from the sale of agro pellets,
  • cost savings for the elimination of biological waste by its disposal, or storage until the time of possible use as fertilizer.




What is utilization of pelleting machine?


utilization of pelleting machine



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