Fruit dryer

We have a taste for dried fruits especially in the colder months of the year. Dried fruit is not only tasty but also healthy. You can also dry it in our drying system.

Drying fruits and garden products is a great way to keep them with the highest levels of vitamins and nutrients. It is also a healthy way to preserve fruit. During drying, moisture is taken from the fruit by means of circulating warm air so the water content drops to 10-15%. The warmer the air, the faster the dried material loses its moisture. In order to maintain the highest possible nutrient content, the drying temperature must be adapted to the material to be dried. The wetter the product, the higher the temperature may be. With gentle drying (30 - 50 ° C) by correct water removal, the maximum amount of nutrients is maintained and the taste properties of the fruit are intensified.

By using the drying system PELESKO, which enables simple and gentle drying, you can produce a healthy delicacy rich in fiber and without chemicals not only from fruits but also from other products.



Technical parameters:

Temperature control: yes

Dryer volume: according to customer's needs, standard 3m3

El. Wattage: 5 kilowatts

Construction: stainless steel (our production is divided into stainless and black, due to strict requirements of customers from the food industry).

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