By using the agro pellets you will save up to 70% on heating costs compared to the use of gas and up to 90% costs compared to the use of electricity.







Our line represents proposal for a comprehensive solution of global problems with the disposal of agrobiological waste generated mainly on a horse farms. This kind of bio-waste will be possible to process and evaluate on the designed and developed mobile pelleting line.


Produced pellets will be possible to use in two different ways, and thus:  

  1. as ecological organic fertilizer in the form, in which it is possible to store it for long time without further biodegradation processes,
  2. as other waste, which can be used in energetic way and thus in the form of processed fuel pellets, that would serve for production of heat and electric power from renewable sources.
  3. as a feeding mixes for animals
  4. as a bedding system for horses







Our pellets are made of pure natural material. It is a mixture of horse or other manure and sawdust, shavings, straw, etc. 





Based on the pelletizing operation in IMC Slovakia, s.r.o. we have the following experiences

  • density of biowaste: 310 kg/m3
  • density of agro pellets: 600 kg/m3
  • mineability of biowaste: 46.67% (from 100 kg of biomass is obtained 46.67 kg of pellets)
  • energy intensity: 0.40 kWh/1 kg of pellets
  • financial cost of production of pellets: 0.10 EUR/1 kg of pellets (energy, handling, working expenses)
  • selling price of pellets (fuel): 0.25 EUR/1 kg
  • selling price of pellets (fertilizer): 1.5 EUR/1 kg




The physical properties of the pellets

  • calorific value of the pellets: 18.60 MJ/kg
  • performance possible from 1 kg of pellets: 5.17 kWh (at 100% efficiency)
  • efficiency of the pellet burners: 85%




Energy from 1.85 kg of agro pellets is equivalent to the energy obtained from 1 m3 of natural gas

  • 2kg of wooden pellets = 9.6kWh = 0.35 EUR
  • 1m3 of natural gas = 9.5kWh = 0.47 EUR





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