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Use the opportunity to efficiently dispose of bio-waste in your city or municipality and solve the problems of waste export and treatment.

Every day we see the amount of waste that the city or municipality has to dispose of. Pelesko offers an ecological solution and effective disposal of bio-waste. The resulting product of such processing are different types of pellets with which you can e.g. heat your own premises (schools, municipal office, house of culture, ..) or produce pellets for resale with profit.



Type of material processed:

  • mowed grass from municipal areas
  • waste from shearing shrubs and other greenery waste from agricultural cooperatives (manure, litter, hay, straw, ..)
  • waste from plant production (maize, cereals, ..)
  • waste from the treatment of the courts and private property of citizens distillery waste (stones)
  • wastewater treatment plant waste (sludge sludge) sawdust, shavings, and other.



Depending on the processed input material, you can produce different types of output pellets:

  • granular fertilizer
  • fuel pellet with a diameter of 6-8mm (or as needed), normally burned in automatic boilers
  • feeding mixes
  • bedding system




pelleting machine variants

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