Wastewater treatment plants

Take the opportunity to get rid of waste from wastewater treatment plants and use the resulting product for heating for your own needs.
Wastewater treatment is basically a phenomenon observed from nature. Bacteria that use impurities are used. In particular, they consume organic solubles, carbon pollution and phosphorus.
Dead bacteria and remnants of organic pollution then form sludge. Excess sludge, ie excess bacteria, is pumped into sedimentation tanks. They settle there and go again to the digestion tanks for further processing. The sludge pumped from the sedimentation tanks is in heating tanks it is heated and stirred. During the digestion process, biogas is produced, which modern wastewater treatment plants can use, for example, for the production of heat or electricity. You can then pellet the waste from the water sensors in our pelletizing lines and produce pellets for heating for your own needs.


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